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 The Computer Clinic performed extensive research before selecting a recycling company.

 The Computer Clinic was concerned about data destruction and the environment. Finding a responsible recycler was our goal.

 The Computer Clinic selected Regional Computer Recycling. We encourage you to visit their site for more information. www.ewaste.com .

We accept the following items for recycling:

Computers (including laptops, desktops, tablets and e-readers, cell phones)

Televisions (EXCLUDING: Front/Rear Projection and Console type devices.) Call us if you have any questions.

Cathode ray tubes (Due to the high amount of lead in the older CRT screens, there is a fee associated)

Small scale servers

Computer peripherals (including any cable, cord, or wiring permanently affixed to or incorporated into the computer peripheral.)

LED/LCD Monitors

Electronic keyboards

Electronic mice or similar pointing devices

Facsimile machines, document scanners, and printers (only those intended for use with a computer and weighing less than 100 lbs.)

Small electronic equipment (including any cable, cord, or wiring permanently affixed to or incorporated into the small electronic equipment.)


Digital video recorders

Portable digital music players

DVD players (including projectors with DVD player capabilities intended for home-use)

Digital converter boxes

Cable or satellite receivers (including digital media receivers)

Electronic or video game consoles (including both handheld devices and those intended for use with a video display device)

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.